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Dan Hale is a self-taught, mixed media artist from Arizona. While Dan has been creating art in various forms throughout his life it was not until 2003, that he started creating his art on a full-time basis. 

 In a fairly short period of time, Dan accomplished unheard of achievements for a self-taught & self-representing artist.  Selling his original abstract art & mixed media sculptures via methods that most in the art world deemed unconventional, Dan garnered the attention of astute, contemporary art collectors around the world.  By the end of 2006 Dan sold over 1,500 original designs to art collectors throughout the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Ireland, Chile, France, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Greece, Norway, Malta, Puerto Rico and the United Arab Emirates.  


Internally driven, and emotionally charged, Dan's original abstract art and mixed media sculptures have been described as "One of a Kind." Dan works in a wide variety of mediums.  When viewing Dan's portfolio for the first time one is under the belief that the works presented are the creations of several talented artists.  The diverse collections however are the efforts of just one. Explosive abstract art, furnishings, contemporary mixed media recycled art and his intricate and obsessive steel and stone scuptures are just some of the styles you will uncover when you dive into Dan's portfolio of works. 

 "Dan's expansive surfaces command the attention of passers-by, reward the focus of new as well as seasoned collectors and transform a static wall into a crystal ball. Few creations rival the pure power, active style and personal impact of Dan's work."  


Thunderbird Artists is the leading producer of award-winning fine art and wine festivals in the Southwest. Our mission is to promote fine arts and fine crafts, while supporting the artists, local merchants and surrounding communities. Each festival is juried and includes unparalleled wine tasting and live musical entertainment, creating an ambiance like no other and ensuring a first-class experience for all who attend.

Thunderbird Artists are ambassadors of the arts;
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— Judi Combs, CEO 

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